Six Counties NI Dexter Group

Welcome to the Six Counties NI Dexter Cattle Group.

The Group has been started by a number of enthusiastic people, keen to promote the Dexter breed and encourage other dexter breeders. Established so Dexter breeders can get together and learn more about their cows whilst having fun.

Although the group is based in the NI membership is open to anyone from the British Isles and Ireland.  Our committee meetings are held throughout the 6 counties.

The group has a wide range of experience from beef selling, to showing in the ring, with a Dexter Cattle Society judge to guide us.

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Regional Group of The Dexter Cattle Society

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A Cut Above the Rest

The Dexter breed originated in the South West of Ireland.

The smallest native breed of cattle in the British Isles, they are hardy, dual-purpose cattle, producing excellent beef and milk, an ideal suckler cow for conservation grazing.

We support owners and breeders, offering advice and a range of services.