What is all this talk about affiliation to the Dexter Cattle Society we are hearing you ask? We’ve decided to clear up any misconceptions/rumours around this.

The Dexter Cattle Society is the main governing body for registration of pedigree Dexter cattle in the UK. The Dexter Cattle Society encourages the creation of groups to promote the Dexter Breed and further the objectives of the Society. Any regional groups across the UK can apply to be affiliated to the Dexter Cattle Society.

We encourage all our members to register their cattle with the Society. You do not need to be a member of any group to be a member of the Dexter Cattle Society and register your cattle.

Affiliation by a group to the Society provides the following benefits –
1. Entitlement to use the Dexter Cattle Society insurance cover for group events
2. Use of the Dexter Cattle Society logo by the group for promotional purposes with specific permission from the Society council.

3. Funding from the Society when available

Please note that the views expressed by regional groups are not necessarily those of the Dexter Cattle Society. The groups are autonomous and responsible for their own affairs.

To qualify for affiliation to the Dexter Cattle Society the Regional Group constitution must be signed annually by two officers of the group at their AGM. Groups must conduct their affairs in accordance with the constitution signed.

As a new group we will not have our AGM until later in 2021 and therefore will not be able to apply for affiliation until then. It is our intention to apply for affiliation and we have worked hard to have all the relevant documents ready when that time comes.

In the meantime, does this impede us in anyway? No, our members who have plans to host events on their farms in 2021, all have their own public liability insurance.

If you have any more queries regarding registering cattle or affiliation, please feel free to contact our Chairperson Damien Tumelty 07719807853.