What is your Herd prefix? Hillara
How many Dexter’s do you have? 7
What do you keep them for? (Beef/hobbie) Hobby with a few to Beef or is it Beef with a view to a Hobby
What do you enjoy most about the Dexter’s?
Simplicity of the breed and ability to farm them without the need for new modern sheds and large handling facilities

Have you got a favourite cow? If so, why?
Beechgrove Cranberry – one of my first purchases and a great wee cow with a great temperament.

What would you like to see in the future with regards to the dexter breed? The breed taken more seriously in the commercial marts and given the same standing where cattle are concerned.

Have you diversified your farm in anyway? And have your Dexter’s helped it? Yes, we have recently opened a self-catering cottage called Dan’s Wee Cottage – Slieve Croob, Dromara where the stock of Dexter Cattle and sheep are a welcome draw for anyone not associated with farming and the countryside literally looking through your window. Find us at https://www.facebook.com/DansweecottageDromara/